Buried (Official Live)

Check out this live video of "Buried" from our 3rd album "Flashing Nightmare"

Flashing Nightmare (official Video)

Check out this compilation of videos shot during the recording of "Flashing Nightmare" at Atomika Studios.

Hell in Heaven (official Live)

Live Performance at the ERISTIC FEST!

King Of Raptors (official Live)

Second song from our show at the "Eristic Fest XII" in February 2018

Walking Ghosts  (official Video)

KomaH's music video for 'Walking Ghosts' from the album, Flashing Nightmare

A Humbling Experience  (official Video)

KomaH's music video for 'A Humbling Experience' from the album, Between Vice & Virtue

New Life feat Baptiste Lalieu (Official Video)

KomaH's music video for 'New Life' from the album, Straight Line